The promise of Cloud!

Cloud is here, it is no longer a thing of the future.
Are you reaping the benefits of the cloud? Learn about our full range of differentiated Cloud Services with outcome-based models

Cloud Capability and Offerings

Core Cloud service offerings across IaaS, PaaS, SaaS on leading platforms like GCP, AWS, Azure

Lift and Shift

The transition from on-prem to cloud, leverage Cloud Infra, Replace physical Machines with Virtual ones

Cloud Ready

Leverage basic services e.g. Storage, Networking

Containerization and Microservices

Containerized Apps transform from monolith to microservices

Cloud Aware

Embrace PaaS model

Serverless Computing

Shift focus from managing Infra and platforms to Business Apps


Fully distributed Computing

Cloud Native Development

We Design, Build and Run native cloud Apps for leading global clients using Agile and DevOps models, microservices architecture, low code serverless deployment and full stack technologies.

Cloud Migration

From basic Lift and Shift of loads to more complex, high business Impact migrations, leveraging platform specific migration tools and services on GCP, AWS and Azure platforms

Cloud Modernization

Repurpose and optimize applications portfolios to take advantage of cloud capabilities that will let clients reap measurable benefits. Converting Monolith architecture to Microservices, Containerization, Transforming Legacy services to APIs, Automation of Test Beds are some of the core modernization services we do every day for global clients.

Cloud Operation Services

Niche and differentiated Capability Development and Service Offering models for large and long-term clients. We Manage, Operate and Support cloud for multiple Fortune 500 clients covering Platform, Data, Big Data, ML and Security layers. A highly focused professionally certified teams of specialists plan and execute DevOps, InfraDevOps, AppDevOps, DevSecOps, DataOps, MLOps as per the clients’ needs.

Hybrid Multi Cloud Enterprises

It is a future that is nearly certain for large enterprises even if they are not there yet. We believe all large organization are destined to get steady in this state for the next decade. This is owning to the nature of cloud evolution and client adoption journey. It is further shaped by pragmatism of Operation Management, Risk Management, ROI and Technology Change Management considerations.

Kapylon offers highly specialized services for hybrid multi cloud clients that focuses on Connectivity, Security, Seamless User Experience, Stability, and High Availability.

This portfolio of services covers offerings like; Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Architecture, Integration with SD-WAN Solutions, Ingress / Egress solutions via Zscaler, Private / Internet Access to Hybrid Cloud Network. Integration with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), AWS Workspaces. Designing and Implementing edge-to-edge routing, Architecting VPCs for different workloads, Architecting & Implementing Hybrid DNS for Cloud Workloads, Integration with SaaS platforms via Hybrid Cloud Network etc.

Cloud Experience

Success Stories across Healthcare, Aging, FinTech, Apparel & Clothing


Digital Consumer Finance


Pandamic Managment

Surveillance and Safety
Smart Wearable

Pandamic Managment


Bringing social impact through a Digital Elder Care Platform

Clothing, Apparel, Retail, Fashion

Cloud Operation Service from
Enterprise Thinking Perspective