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Big Data

Challenges Faced in Big Data

Are you facing difficulties in managing your company's vast amounts of unused data? Many people struggle with a plethora of data but lack the knowledge of how to extract useful insights. This problem arises due to the absence of a clear big data strategy and approach, leaving you searching for advice on how to unlock the potential benefits hidden inside your data.

Even after laying the foundation with a strategy and an approach, dissatisfaction persists when the expected progress and additional benefits are not achieved. This deadlock forces you to take a closer look at your planned approach because undiscovered challenges can hinder your progress. Maybe there are difficulties during execution that show weaknesses in process, tools, expertise, priorities, or dependencies. The anticipated results elude you despite your best efforts, which is a red flag for potential governance issues.

Leverage Kapylon’s
Big Data Experience

Kapylon is aware of your challenges. We have faced and taken up these challenges head-on and have gained a wealth of experience, allowing us to attack them with a strategy and plan that has demonstrated success. Our seasoned big data specialists have created a solid framework to ensure that failures do not derail your journey with big data. We are committed to assisting you in achieving your objectives and realizing the full potential of your big data opportunities.

Prepare for a future where overcoming big data issues will lead to success!

Design and Implementation of Big Data Solutions to Derive New Values

Enhanced Customer Experience

Monetize, Maximizing ROI, New Revenue Streams, and Enhanced Customer Experience

Kapylon’s strategy is focused on unlocking data potential for increased earnings and business success. We achieve this by maximizing ROI, optimizing resources, identifying new revenue streams, and enhancing customer experience through data-driven insights.

Execution Verification

Assessment, Discovery, Ideation, Plan, Execution, Verification

Kapylon’s structured big data approach includes data assessment, valuable insights discovery, practical solution development with advanced analytics and AI, smooth implementation, and outcome verification.

Data Quality

Data Quality, Integrity, and Security throughout by management and leadership

At Kapylon, effective governance practices are established to maintain the accuracy and reliability of data. Our experienced specialists and strong leadership ensure that data remains protected and compliant with industry standards.

Continuous Measurement

Choosing the right metric and Continuous Measurement and Course Correction

At Kapylon, we emphasize measuring the right metrics for effective progress tracking. Continuously evaluating outcomes and indicators, we proactively course-correct to maximize big data’s value, enabling continuous improvement.

CXO’s Stake in Big Data

Kapylon recognizes that an effective big data program must tackle challenges and fulfill objectives for executives such as CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, and Business Unit Heads. For instance, for CEOs and BU Heads, the program should establish a compelling business case for generating new revenue streams, gaining customer insights, enhancing customer experiences and satisfaction, and improving marketing strategies. Similarly, the initiative should be executable within the allocated budget, providing clear return on investment (ROI) and enhanced profitability. For CIOs and CTOs, the program should prioritize addressing data security, integrity, and availability challenges, while ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.