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Challenges in Cloud Adoption and Operations

  • Realizing at a late stage that the chosen cloud provider is not the best fit for the organization.
  • Discovering at a later stage that the chosen tech stack is not the best fit for the organization.
  • Insufficiently thorough initial research resulting in unforeseen challenges during the cloud journey.
  • Encountering delays and budgetary overruns in cloud migrations consistently.
  • Neglecting to implement adequate infrastructure automation, impacting efficiency.
  • Failing to address critical platform architecture considerations adequately.
  • Experiencing elevated operational costs in the cloud environment.


Cloud Native Development Cloud Native Development

At the forefront of innovation, our team excels in creating advanced native cloud applications for top global clients. Employing Agile and DevOps methodologies, we ensure rapid development and seamless operations. Our expertise in microservices architecture, low code serverless deployment, and full stack technologies enables us to create more powerful and scalable solutions that drive success in the digital landscape.

Cloud Migration Cloud Migration

From basic Lift and Shift operations to intricate, high-impact migrations, we excel at leveraging platform-specific migration tools and services on GCP, AWS, and Azure. Our expertise ensures smooth and efficient transitions, maximizing the benefits of each cloud platform.

Cloud Modernization Cloud Modernization

We specialize in repurposing and optimizing application portfolios to harness the full potential of cloud capabilities, enabling clients to reap tangible rewards. Our core modernization services encompass transforming monolith architecture into microservices, containerization, converting legacy services to APIs, and automating test beds.

Hybrid Multi Cloud Enterprises Hybrid Multi Cloud Enterprises

Embrace the future of cloud with Kapylon, where large enterprises are destined to thrive. We offer highly specialized services focused on Connectivity, Security, Seamless User Experience, Stability, and High Availability for hybrid multi-cloud clients. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Architecture, SD-WAN Integration, Ingress/Egress solutions via Zscaler, Private/Internet Access to Hybrid Cloud Network, Integration with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and AWS Workspaces, Edge-to-Edge Routing Design, VPC Architecting, Hybrid DNS for Cloud Workloads, and Integration with SaaS platforms via Hybrid Cloud Network.

Some of the best Cloud Practices:

Pre-Migration 360 Degree Stack Assessment

Pre-Migration 360 Degree Stack Assessment

Cloud Optimization process

Cloud Optimization process

Embrace KISS Principle



practices that
are cloud centric

Adequately Automated Infrastructure



Customer Computing services to reduce operational costs

Did you Know

  • Not every major cloud platform directly supports all the leading databases!
  • If you have a Microsoft tech stack, which cloud platform should be your first choice?
  • Which Cloud is best for Low-Cost Migrations?
  • Anthos works best with which cloud platform?
  • Custom Computing Services are the key to managing cloud opex costs.

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Pandamic Managment


Bringing social impact through a Digital Elder Care Platform

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