Governments need Digital Transformation at speed


Digital Technologies are disrupting and transforming the ways in which societies live and behave. More connected residents expect faster, easier access to the government services, programs and benefits. While improving the standard and quality of governance is a key priority, governments also need to transform monitoring, regulatory and compliance for effectiveness.

Some of the glaring examples of the pending works are, institutions still process Degrees and Certificates manually or using legacy systems such Fox Pro. Field operations people still go to individual houses to capture electricity and gas meter reading for billing as opposed to smart metering, Attendance is still manual or touch based as opposed to touchless, Governments is yet to monetize their data assets across various department to become self-sustainable.

In a short span of time, Kapylon has been able to participate and contribute in transforming various government departments across countries and helped bring out measurable benefits in areas like Education Management, Utilities and Consumer Energy, Intellectual Property Management etc.

We understand every country and its government has its unique requirements that are dependent on factors like need, priority, culture, geography, aspirations. Kapylon strives for a high level of commitments on these parameters to its government clients and provide measurable benefits. For more info please reach out to us.