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Government Sector

Current Challenges Faced in the Industry:

  • Enhancing citizen experience in day-to-day life.
  • Balancing citizen experience with national security.
  • Improving access to education and enhancing its quality.
  • Developing better road infrastructure and transportation.
  • Enhancing tax and revenue collection processes.
  • Improving regulatory standards and frameworks.
  • Defining and developing new services and benefits for the people and the country using the vast amount of national data.
  • Addressing disparate, redundant, and inefficient legacy Government IT Systems.

How can Kapylon Help?

  • Digital transformation of governance – policies, processes, people, and culture.
  • Improving citizen services by integrating the underline IT systems and bringing them into synergy
  • Build primary care infrastructure using digital technologies.
  • Using AI and Machine learning to improve clinical outcomes
  • Using Integrated data systems with networked cloud storage

Case Studies

Worked on solution for providing housing solutions (Rental and Ownership based) that meet the needs and aspirations of Saudi families, with a focus on eco sustainability and technology

Developed a comprehensive CMS tailored for the education sector to streamline documentation