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The Kapylon core team brings extensive experience in Insurance Technologies and Solutions, spanning over 20 years. Our proficiency extends across various insurance segments, including Life, Annuity, P&C, and Retirement Services. We hold expertise in navigating leading platforms and products in the insurance industry, such as WMA, NBA, Cyber Life, LifePro, and more. Our transformative impact extends to critical business domains, including New Business, Underwriting, Policy Administration, Claims, Bonus, Commissions, TPA Advisory, Customer Self-Service, and Regulatory Compliance.

Current Challenges in the Insurance Industry:

  • High cost of claims.
  • Poor Combined Operating Ratio.
  • Elevated Policy Administration Costs.
  • Rapidly changing customer expectations.
  • Shifting demographics.
  • Slow adoption of technology in the insurance industry.
  • A significant portion of business operations still relies on legacy systems.
  • Lack of intelligent integration between legacy and digital systems.
  • Disparate/fragmented operational systems.
  • Understanding the optimal management approach for a closed book of business.

Leveraging Kapylon to create solutions:

  • Crafting a comprehensive strategy to allocate resources effectively between legacy and digital infrastructure.
  • Transforming enterprise architecture to establish a unified framework, ensuring a seamless experience in business operations.
  • Establishing intelligent integration and touchpoints within legacy systems.
  • Utilizing digital technologies to optimize both top and bottom lines, broaden the customer base, improve retention, enhance customer experience, and target the right demographic.
  • Executing an omnichannel strategy for uniformity and synergy across all channels.
  • Restructuring business processes for simplification, streamlining, efficiency improvement, and operational system consolidation.
  • Conceptualizing use cases and innovatively constructing new revenue models by transforming and monetizing legacy and historical data.

Case Studies