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Current Challenges Faced in the Industry:

  • Speed of access to primary care
  • High cost of advance healthcare needs
  • Lack of primary care infrastructure in certain geographies
  • More accurate diagnostics and treatments
  • Overdiagnosis and overtreatment
  • More efficient and accurate clinical decisions
  • Unreliable online ratings of doctors and providers
  • Lack of awareness about digital capabilities amongst the patients

How can Kapylon Help?

  • Digital Pandemic management system
  • Using EMR data to generate insights leveraging AI/ML
  • Teleconsultation solutions with basic diagnostic and care management capabilities improving the time for diagnostic and outcomes of care
  • Using Analytics and BI to improve clinical decisions for payor and providers
  • Improving the precertification and preauthorization time and accuracy using digital technologies
  • Improving revenue cycle management
  • Design new non invasive diagnostics to improve the prediction of terminal illness.
  • Improving patient care using VR devices and Augmented Reality

Case Studies

Transformed pre-certification and pre-authorization with AI Automation, shifting decision-making from back office to real-time front office
Cloud and analytics based vaccine management platform to manage vaccination programs at state levels for TPH(Total Population Health)
Developed a cloud-based platform for diabetes and endocrine care, enhancing real-time collaboration to improve patient outcomes