Manufacturing and Construction Industry

Manufacturing & Construction Industry

Current Challenges Faced in the Industry:

  • Inaccurate cost estimates in the construction industry leading to budget overruns.
  • Poor forecasting prioritising long-term objectives over short-term goals.
  • Balancing just-in-time production versus inventory, considering both cost constants and time to market.
  • Manufacturing infrastructures inadequately prepared for threats such as cyber attacks.
  • Lack of availability of a skilled labor workforce.
  • Insufficient utilisation of IT and digital technologies to train and skill the workforce, addressing demand and supply gaps.

How can Kapylon Help?

  • Utilizing AI and Machine Learning to enhance quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC).
  • Employing AR and VR for hands-on training of workers on authentic sites using actual equipment.
  • Using analytics-led automation solutions to prepare trends and forecasts.
  • Transferring large volumes of non-critical data and payloads to more cost-effective clouds, saving costs in on-premises IT.
  • Leveraging AI and data analytics to address supply chain bottlenecks.
  • Utilizing AI to strengthen the cybersecurity architecture and reduce the cost of cybersecurity operations.

Case Studies

Designed and implemented a custom built ERP system for a shoe manufacturing plant resulting in Streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and enhanced data driven decision making capabilities.
Designed and developed a construction safety application for real-time incident recording, streamlined worker training, and provided a modern, intuitive user experience
Designed an inspector management software for a safety construction client, resulting in improved quality assurance, environmental conservation, and significant cost savings
Automated the testing of Oracle ERP application for one of the largest providers of training equipment and facilities for first responders