Financial Services Industry

Current Challenges Faced in the Industry:

  • Slow adoption of AI and Cloud that lacks due diligence
  • Perennial risk of breaches in cyber security and data security.
  • High technical debt due to a large part of the business still running on legacy systems.
  • Lack of connectivity and integration between legacy and digital ecosystems impacting efficiency and limiting innovation ability.
  • Low customer retention rates.
  • The cost of compliance, both regulatory and auditory, is exceptionally high.
  • Poor User Experience (UX) and User Engagement.

How can Kapylon Help?

  • Choosing the appropriate cloud strategy for the business.
  • Designing an integrated enterprise security architecture covering on-premises and cloud assets.
  • Automating cloud infrastructure to decrease operational expenditures.
  • Utilising AI to enhance regulatory and compliance posture resilience.
  • Lowering the operational cost of cybersecurity operations.
  • Employing serverless architecture to automate standard processes and increase efficiency.

Case Studies

Transformed our client's SEC filing process by elevating the user experience (UX) of the SEC filing tool, resulting in improved usability, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction.