FMCG, Apparel and Fashion Industry

Current Challenges Faced in the Industry:

  • Difficulty to maintain the conversion rate due to rising prices, changes in customer expectation, etc.
  • High customer acquisition cost due to advertising on expensive platforms and increased competition
  • Establishing and maintaining customer loyalty
  • Limited storage space and high inventory cost
  • Low profit margins
  • Difficulty in maintaining a stable supply chain system
  • Lack of intelligent tools to predict the changing consumer behaviour and pattern
  • Building the brand equity and maintaining it

How can Kapylon Help?

  • Leveraging AI/ML to discover target segment and customers
  • Leveraging analytics to identify efficient business delivery models
  • Using BI solutions to detect patterns, predict failures, and identify defects
  • Using Machine Learning Algorithms to predict customer tastes and preferences to help them in better purchase decisions
  • Building high speed, high quality front stores using cloud platforms
  • Distinguished User Experience(UX) that increases the engagement and conversion
  • Leveraging data analytics to understand customers buying behaviour, drafting messages for maintaining brand reputation
  • Improving cross sell and upsell
  • Automating warehouse processes to increase efficiency, decrease cost and time to delivery
  • Integrating and Automating forecast and supply chain processes

Case Studies