AI/ML Case Study - 3

Surveillance and Safety – Harnessing connected device for enhancing personal safety

Smart phones and Wearables does
lots of things but haven’t yet
solved the issue of physical
security and threats from the
environment in a proactive way

Build a Cyber-Physical Product (Hardware + Software)
backed by IoT and AI/ML engine to predict propensity
of threat and create alerts that can be transmitted to
monitoring team, Supervisors, Guardian. Used AWS,
Amazon IoT, Amazon Kinesis, Python ML libraries, iOS,
Android to build the solution

  • Context
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Impact

Current generation of smart devices
doesn’t give a back-eye view or alerts
for any threat in the vicinity (person’s
surrounding) in real time

A new device for dozens of Business Use
Cases across Industries ( Children safety,
explorers and miners, production floors
are some)

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