A IPR Business Operations Company wanted to venture into IP Product business by selling Smart and Advance Analytics Solutions around Patent, Trademarks, Trade Research. They want to use years of patents data as a strategic asset to build the IP Product and create a competitive advantage for themselves in the market


Needed to design a digital technologies enabled IP product that is smart and intelligent, uses Analytics and is globally accessible to clients


Design and build a web and cloud-based solution that has high speed elastic search with access to worldwide IP databases. Build advance analytics models that predicts future trends, new revenue lines, deep market analysis and competition Analysis. Leveraged our deep expertise in Patent Search, advance BI Analytics and smart reports and Dashboarding capabilities


  • New revenue stream for the client
  • End Customers get Intelligent Analysis and Reports that helps in Decision Making
  • Deep insight into Competitors
  • Visibility of future Technology Trends

Customer Stories

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Case Study

FinTech - Digital Consumer Finance

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Healthcare - Communicable Disease Management

Leveraging Digital Technologies to defeat Covid

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Intellectual Property - Patent, Search, Filing

Monetizing Intellectual Property Assets