Healthcare – Communicable Disease Management

Leveraging Digital Technologies to defeat Covid


A Health Tech client wanted to build an online digital platform for a state government client, that allows its residents to register themselves for vaccination, captures self service vaccination data, reconciles consumer data with state government data, offers Vaccination Analytics for improving the vaccine, pre and post care support, and finally generates a government approved health passport that residents can use for travel, events or wherever it is required


Build a cloud based digital platform for mobile channel that caters to the above use cases, provide analytics for improving vaccine and the care and also integrate it with third party/govt. databases in a record short time meeting all compliance requirements


Designed and Built a HIPPA, FedRAMP compliant cloud-based solution using Flutter, API, microservices, mySQL, no SQL, Analytics models, Python with SOAP and xSD based enterprise integration using rapid prototyping methodology.


  • Fills in a market gap
  • Unique solution
  • Intelligent Analytics to improve vaccine admin and care
  • Secured Immediate funding from investors