A Health Tech client wanted to build an online digital platform for a state government client that allows its residents to register themselves for vaccination, captures self-service vaccination data, reconciles consumer data with state government data, offers Vaccination Analytics for improving the vaccine, pre, and post-care support, and finally generates a government-approved health passport that residents can use for travel, events or wherever it is required


Build a cloud-based digital platform for a mobile channel that caters to the above use cases, provides analytics for improving vaccine and care and also integrates it with third-party/govt databases in a record short time meeting, all compliance requirements


Designed and Built a HIPPA, FedRAMP compliant cloud-based solution using Flutter, API, microservices, MySQL, no SQL, Analytics models, Python with SOAP, and XSD based enterprise integration using rapid prototyping methodology


  • Fills in a market gap
  • Unique solution
  • Intelligent Analytics to improve vaccine admin and care
  • Secured Immediate funding from investors

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