Fin Tech – Digital Consumer Finance

Moving Consumer Finance from Offline to Realtime


A well funded start-up in consumer finance wishes to build a large digital platform to sell consumer products for Insurance, Loans, Credit, Mutual Funds, Stocks etc. Led by top industry experts they wish integrate over a dozen financial product partners with an intent to bring disruptive User Experience.


Needed to design a cloud led omnichannel digital platform that is smart, intelligent and is ubiquitous. Build a high performance, scalable solution that allows realtime purchase of these products which is traditionally unthinkable


Built an intelligent, highly accessible, scalable omni channel digital platform with built in predictive and prescriptive Analytics models using AWS, nodejs, API, Flutter, Microservices, python, GraphQL backed by geo location, CIBIL Integration, payment gateway integration


  • Shortest processing time in the industry for some of products like loans, credit cards
  • Allows access to new market segment
  • Moved decision making to the front-end office from back end office.
  • Detects Frauds
  • Deep insight into consumer behaviour
  • Enabled client to win next round of funding