Government – Education Management

Digital Transformation of Certification / Degrees Issuance Process


A Government Organisation managing the academic records and certificates of publicly aided polytechnic colleges wanted to move from Foxpro based legacy system to cloud based fully automated document management system with state-of-the-art data extraction and workflow management solution


The existing system was built 2 decades ago with process and technology standards of its time. The team needed to perform due diligence of the existing legacy system and processes and revamp it with contemporary standards, process reengineering, and approach the project from a system transformation as well as business transformation point of view.


Leveraging our experience in enterprise level document management system and process reengineering and Lean expertise, we built a rule engine based system with automated workflows from request generation to document delivery, data extraction and document management with the Frontend built using best UI/UX practices and techniques


  • TAT Reduction
  • Lean Process and Operation
  • Increased Efficiency