Government - Smart Workforce Management

Managing Workforce in Covid and Digital Times


A government organization overlooking operation and maintenance of power grid infrastructure needed a contactless attendance system, due to Covid-19 pandemic, for its contract employees dispersed over 150 facilities, having rudimentary IT infrastructure.


Vast number of locations, Unskilled workforce with Limited access to smartphones, and a Covid-19 pandemic context, the solution needed to be contactless, independent of smartphones, and easier to adapt. The solution also needed to be deployable rapidly.


Having worked intensively in the field of facial recognition and image processing, Kapylno team designed a robust and scalable Facial Recognition based attendance management system that had easy onboarding protocol and zero physical contact. The inbuilt smart reporting & notification tools, and dashboard helped the Accounts team manage the salary payments.


  • Eliminated Manual Process Minimized covid spread probabilities
  • Errors in salary calculation reduced to ZERO due to discrepancies in leaves and attendance data